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Evan Nisselson

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Experienced entrepreneur, team leader, digital media/imaging expert and innovator. Thrives on building businesses that leverage technology to entertain, increase efficiency, and solve problems.

Product Development/Strategy, ECommerce, Professional and Consumer Imaging Business & Technology, Digital Photography, Digital Media Search, Internet Marketing, Software as Service (SaaS), Digital Asset Management, Executive Management, Business Development, Key Account Management, Raising Capital, Photographer and Photo Editor.

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Entrepreneur, Consultant and Photographer
12/2007 - Present
Advisor and consultant to several companies. Working on my long-term photography project: "Love the living of life."

Digital Railroad, Inc.
Chairman of the Board 12/2007 - 10/2008

As of 10/08, total revenue for 2008 was estimated to be ~$3M with about half of that being recurring revenue. The company was closed in 11/08.

Founder, CEO and Board Member 5/2003 - 12/2007

Digital Railroad, Inc. was a technology services company and marketplace dedicated to solving critical technical problems facing the creators and buyers of digital imagery. Digital Railroad?s unique suite of online services (SaaS) evolved with the photography industry, bringing solutions to market that empower people.

Digital Railroad managed the technology needs for the creative professional so that they could focus on what they love: being creative.

As Founder and CEO, we initially self-funded, recruited a great team, developed the platform from zero and launched an innovating and valuable platform for the professional photography industry. Additional funding provided by DNCapital, Morgenthaler, Venrock and Angels.

Telecom Italia
Milan,Rome Italy
2/03 - 12/03
Digital Imaging consultant to Virgilio, the #1 Italian Internet Portal, and it's parent company Telecom Italia. Created their new consumer digital imaging channel strategy, financial plan and product roadmap. Virgilio launched their phase 1 channel in March 04 and will launch additional unique features in the near future.

Eyetide Media Inc.
4/24/00 - 5/1/03
Collaborated with founders to secure >2M in funding, hire senior management and successfully create a new business model for an image based marketing business delivered via the Internet. The Eyetide ViewerTM turns the idle computer screen into a new media channel, allowing partners to broadcast rich interactive content directly to users' desktops every day. To date, more than 5 million users have downloaded the Eyetide Viewer, and 500 million branded images have been viewed.

VP Business Development, 2/02- 2/03
Secured $400K in revenues in 2002 and commitments of $200K for 2003. Initiated, negotiated and signed deals with Microsoft, AOL, Warner Bros., HBO, washingtonpost.com, Island Def Jam, Getty Images, Magnum, and Time Inc. among others.

SVP, Content and Product Strategy, 4/00-2/02
Hired and managed the content and product design team of 8 employees in the first 6 months. Developed content partnerships, content production systems and collaborated on product design for the Eyetide Platform.

Redwood City, CA
Managed a team that conceived and developed @Home's online digital imaging initiatives. Created the Internet's first broadband imaging portal, "Making Pictures" with Intel as a $3M joint venture partner.

Manager of Content Development for Making Pictures, 7/97-8/99
Managed strategic content development, editorial updates, user behavior, partner relationships, and spearheaded initiatives to offer the best imaging education, resources and tools online. Tripled user traffic by signing Corbis Images to implement an extensive image search and commerce service on Making Pictures.

@Home Network Picture Editor, 9/96-7/97
Managed a monthly editorial photo budget of 10K and exponentially increased network value with photography. Collaborated with early Internet photo editor pioneers to develop Internet imaging standards.

Sausalito, CA
Associate Producer for SCAN; 26 half hour television programs on global technology which aired on CNBC and its international affiliates. Orchestrated worldwide editorial research/development and TV crew coordination.

Against All Odds Sausalito, CA
Assignment and Picture Editor for "24 Hours in Cyberspace," a worldwide multimedia photography project. Researched and tracked international editorial assignments, assistant manager of photo traffic for 160 photographers and three hundred stories on event day.

SABA Press Photos
Picture Editor, international syndication liaison for overseas affiliates. Managed the agency's worldwide imaging computer network.

Epicenter Communications
Sausalito, CA
5/93-4/94 International Picture Researcher responsible for acquisition of pictures to document the Time/Warner book, "Sarajevo, A Portrait of a Siege."

Photo Documentary Projects
5/95 - Present
Other Peoples' Weddings
Diners Across America [partly sponsored by Heinz USA, Kodak and SABA Press Photos]
Love the Living of Life
The Making of Excite@Home

Art Institute of Chicago/Studio Arts Center International, Florence, Italy Spring 1990
University of Vermont, Burlington, VT B.A. May 1991
International Center of Photography, NYC 1992-1993


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